Our Services

We offer a range of Diversity and Inclusion services


data collection

Our research shows that employees are more likely to self-identify personal data to a trusted third party than to their own HR teams. We are that trusted third party. We will work with you to define what you want to measure, manage the message to your staff, and ensure all data is confidential, secure and GDPR compliant.

data enrichment

We enhance your existing data through content analysis of your corporate branded materials, by bringing in open source data from other sources, and through our unique algorithms designed to ensure that the insights you get are clear and accurate. We compare your data against over 180,000 records in our database to give the most holistic view possible.



analytics and reporting

We generate interactive online reports which are also provided as shareable files. The dashboard identifies the key insights, provides visualisations for use in annual reporting, and ranks you against competitors in your field. This ensures that you and your employees have a clear view on your performance.

actionable insights

We review all the latest research to ensure you are kept up to date and that all our recommendations are evidence-based and designed to deliver real change.