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A curated list of useful reports and resources from around the web

delivering diversity

This report looks at racial and ethnic diversity in the management pipeline. It includes case studes from the likes of Schroders and Sainsburys as well as practical tips and advice.

Women in the Workplace 2017

In this report conducted by McKinsey in collaboration with the Lean In organisation, infographics and visualisations compellingly tell the story of inequality at work for women increases as they progress.

Disability and hidden impairments in the workplace

A report conducted by the TUC into the experiences of people in the Welsh workplace with disabilities. It highlights the discrimination and harrassment faced and gives advice to employers.

the parker review

The Parker Review assesses the representation of people of colour in UK boardrooms. It calls for action to get “Beyond One by '21”.

LGBT in Britain

Stonewall’s report of 2018 has some worrying statistics about how many LGBT poeple still don’t come out at work

The Female FTSE Board Report

Continuing the work of the Hampton Alexander review, this 2018 report demonstrates that while female NEDs are increasing, access to Executive Directorships remains a challenge